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 Factory appearance

 Factory appearance

 Factory appearance

Cincom L20

Cincom L32

DMG Mori NZX2000

DMG Mori NZX2000 

Mitutoyo Surface Roughtness Tester

Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine

Mitutoyo contour measuring machine

Nakamura WT-100

Surface grindiing machine

grindiing machine

grindiing machine

goodway lathe

 Factory appearance

milling machine

En-Hua was founded in 1993, is concentrating on manufacturing of professional precision parts. Our fields have branched out into the automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, hardware, golf, fishing, electronic and so on. We also expect to provide our services to different fields.

Our equipments are well appointed. We not only use the precision manufacturing machines which are famous brand in Japan such as DMG MROI, Cincom and Nakamura-tome to provide our customer with high-precision parts, but also have grinding and rolling machines to satisfy customer's request. 

In order to meet the quality requirements, we follow the certified of ISO 9001’s rule to manage our products’ quality from order to shipment. We also use high-precision inspection equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

We not only have lots of experiences in OEM/ODM to help our customers develop solutions, but also provide precision parts based on the design layout that customers provide. 

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A professional cnc processing plant and milling machine processing plant in Taiwan, providing precision parts for quality control and process management. The service scope of Jinjing Precision Processing Factory covers drawing, material preparation, manufacturing, quality inspection, surface processing, and packaging. A full range of precision cnc processing factory manufacturing services. All kinds of machinery, hardware, molds.. Customized production according to your needs. cnc processing factory-adhere to high quality and uniform density, which is deeply trusted by the industry.